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Why The Reputation Of Your Attorney Is Important

The practice of Workers’ Compensation in Illinois is best described as a “niche” practice because of the small number of attorneys who represent people injured at work. Unfortunately, not every lawyer who represents people in workers’ compensation cases is competent to do so. It is essential when seeking legal representation for a workers’ compensation claim to hire an attorney with an excellent reputation. A good attorney must have a thorough knowledge of the law, be diligent in protecting their client’s interest and conduct themselves in an honest manner. They must also have the resources, staff and size to get their client a big settlement. Because this is a small community of lawyers, insurance personnel, arbitrators and commissioners, an attorney whose skills are lacking will put the injured worker at a tremendous disadvantage.

When seeking representation for a work-related injury in Illinois, look no further than GWC. GWC is the largest workers’ compensation law firm in Illinois. GWC has an excellent reputation in the workers’ compensation community for providing quality legal representation to their clients. When GWC is representing an injured worker, insurance claims adjusters and their attorneys stand up and take notice!

In addition to your workers’ compensation claim, you may have a second case against another party who may have caused your accident. This may be something as simple as a car accident or truck accident. It may be from a construction site accident. It could be a result of a scaffold accident, ladder accident, trench cave in, or any other kind of negligence that routinely happens on a construction site.

GWC is the largest construction accident law firm and many of the defense attorneys we work with consider GWC to be the best injury law firm in Illinois. If you have been involved in any type of accident case that causes you to have a personal injury, why call anyone else. Call GWC, Illinois largest Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury law firm for a free consultation. Our opponents consider us to be the best Workers Compensation law firm and the best accident law firm in Illinois.

Call us and see why GWC has earned that representation in the legal community.