$3.4 Million Settlement for Injured Millwright

GWC attorneys Colin O’Malley and Joseph Sorce today settled the lawsuit for an apprentice millwright injured during the 2005 re-tooling at the Chrysler Assembly Plant in Belvidere, Illinois.Apprentice millwright, James Susan, lost his left hand when he attempted to take a measurement alongside an active conveyor chain.

During four years of litigation, the defendants blamed James for failure to lockout/tagout the equipment. Through the investigation, attorneys O’Malley and Sorce established an ongoing work pattern of job assignments when millwrights were daily exposed to the danger of operating machinery because of scheduling and cost demands which the Defendant contractor, ASI, Inc., attempted to meet. Attorneys O’Malley and Sorce established that James and his coworkers were never given the option to lockout/tagout or perform other less dangerous tasks.After the injury, James and his crewmembers were fired.

As GWC has proved in many cases, workers are often exposed to unnecessary and avoidable dangers because of poor decisions by companies that put profit before safety. This result vindicates the workers who were unfairly blamed.This is one of the largest settlements for construction injury in Winnebago County.

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