Aurora furnace explosion

Aurora Furnace Explosion Injures Contractor

An Aurora furnace explosion has injured the owner of a construction company in a rented office space in Kane County, IL.

Force of the Blast Lifts Roof

The Aurora furnace explosion took place on the evening of February 25, 2022.  At that time, Jason Gatewood of Gatewood Remodeling was sitting in his office at 1500 N. Dearborn Ave. in Aurora, IL.  The office’s furnace then exploded, sending Gatewood flying across the room.

According to Gatewood, the force of the blast was so great that the roof “lifted a good foot off and then rubble came down on top of [him].”

The Aurora furnace explosion was captured on cameras inside the office space. Jason Gatewood reportedly suffered a concussion and bruised lungs during the incident.

Aurora Furnace Explosion Considered “Suspicious”

Kelly Rose Ortega, Gatewood’s business partner, said that they had hired a company the previous November to switch the furnace from propane to natural gas.

A Kane County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson characterized the Aurora furnace explosion as “suspicious.” Members of the bomb squad, who are trained in post-blast analysis, are conducting an investigation with the assistance of Nicor, the location’s natural gas provider.

Gatewood Remodeling said that it received an eviction notice shortly after requesting that authorities investigate the Aurora furnace explosion. A representative for the property owner confirmed the eviction but did not provide further clarification.

It is not known whether Jason Gatewood has retained any personal injury attorneys since the explosion.

Why Do Gas Explosions Occur?

Natural gas can be a useful heating and cooking tool, but incidents like the Aurora furnace explosion do occasionally happen, frequently with devastating consequences.

Gas explosions can occur for a variety of reasons. Many gas appliances experience leaks if they are not adequately constructed or tested. Sometimes, negligent installation or maintenance may also be a factor.

In certain cases, there may be warning signs of an impending gas explosion long before one happens, but often people fail to take appropriate action until it is too late.

Helping Victims of Gas Explosions

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