Blue Line Train Jumps Platform Leaving Over 30 Injured

A Blue Line train jumped a platform and ended up on the escalator at O’Hare station earlier this morning around 2:50 A.M. Early reports provide some indication that the train was traveling faster than it normally would when pulling into a station and investigators are trying to figure out why the train was traveling so fast at the time of the accident.

Unfortunately, the eight-car train failed to stop fast enough to avoid an accident that has left at least thirty-two people injured so far. According to the Chicago Tribune, “Six people were listed in fair-to-serious condition and 26 in good-to-fair condition, fire officials on the scene said. Nine were transported to Resurrection Hospital, eight each went to Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center and Swedish Covenant Hospital, and seven went to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge.” Some of the conditions that the injured are being treated for consist of neck pain and whiplash, headaches, and knee pain from being tossed around the train cars.

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