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Chicago Cop Implicated In Wabansia Avenue Bicycle Accident

Authorities say that a 33-year-old Chicago police officer is responsible for a serious hit-and-run Chicago bicycle accident that happened last August. The crash happened near the intersection of Wabansia and California Avenues.

The police officer allegedly hit a woman who was riding a bicycle with her boyfriend. The woman suffered a severe personal injury and was knocked unconscious because of a head injury according to the Chicago Tribune.

Authorities say that the officer stopped his truck and phoned in the accident to 911.

“Female down, reason unknown, appears to be conscious,” the officer said during this call. He also provided the location of the cyclist, but failed to indicate that he was a police officer or that he was the person who hit the woman.

Upon hearing the ambulance, the officer allegedly jumped back into his truck and fled the scene, hitting two cars in the process. The sideswipes knocked the police officer’s license plate loose however, which is how authorities were able to track him down.

A few days later the officer filed a false police report. He stated that a bicyclist blew through a stop sign and hit his vehicle, causing him to lose his license plate. He then falsely stated that the cyclist left the scene.

Paint from the truck indicates that he hit the cyclist who was found unconscious at the intersection.

The officer faces felony hit-and-run charges and is expected in court in two weeks.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “ Chicago cop charged in hit-run that seriously hurt bicyclist,” Rosemary Sobol, Nov. 29, 2012