Traffic Tickets Issued to Government Workers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A recent report has informed the public that over 16,000 tickets have been issued against government vehicles and school buses in Chicago within the past seven years. Lets review the specifics.

Over 4,500 of these tickets were issues out against Chicago Transit Authority buses. When a bus gets a ticket, the driver isnt the one paying – the riders are. In 2010, the transit union spoke out against the previous practice of charging the driver. Now, the company pays for the ticket fines instead of the driver, and the money comes out of the riders fares.  Since then, $148,000 in red light fines have been paid by the CTA.  This doesnt leave the driver undisciplined, of course. There are certain occupational consequences if the driver violates traffic laws.

Although police cars and firetrucks do not normally receive tickets, over 1,050 were issued out to unmarked police vehicles in Chicago. Although “unmarked”, officials say that these vehicles are immune to traffic violations in the same manner that regular “marked” police vehicles are. This holds true even when they are not en route to an emergency.

For school buses, almost 4,500 were also given.  Garbage trucks were cited 172 tickets. Only 27 tickets were given to vehicles that are registered to City Hall.

Of the total 16,000 tickets mentioned, over 11,500 were for running red lights.

Violating traffic laws, such as ignoring stop signals, failing to yield, or surpassing the speed limit can lead to very dire consequences. Much more that a ticket, it can cost a life . If you are ever a victim of someone elses negligence, make sure to contact your attorney .