Romeoville Explosion GWC

GWC Retained by Nicor Worker Injured in Romeoville Explosion

Romeoville Explosion GWCGWC Injury Lawyers, Illinois’ largest injury law firm, has been retained by the family of an injured NICOR worker, Thomas W. Smith of Joliet, Illinois, related to the recent explosion in Romeoville. The lawsuit was filed immediately so that GWC can procure an Order from the appropriate Court to preserve critical evidence surrounding the explosion and to prevent the destruction of evidence that’s necessary to reconstruct the events leading up to the explosion.

This incident, which has been well-covered by the media, occurred on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, following an excavation by a subcontractor to Comcast Cable Company. During the excavation, the subcontractor apparently contacted a gas line, causing damage to plastic piping that allowed gas to leak into the earth. It appears that the gas found its path of least resistance, entered into the sewer lines, and escaped into a nearby unoccupied residence. NICOR emergency crews were dispatched to assess the problem. Gas lines were turned off so as to eliminate the risk of an explosion caused by open gas flames in neighboring homes. Despite this precaution, gas continued to leak into the earth, causing suspicion that multiple breaches of the buried pipe may have occurred.

While Mr. Smith and his work partner were present in the neighborhood, a residence exploded and a portion of the roof was launched into the air, falling on Mr. Smith. The impact caused massive physical injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, multiple fractured vertebrae and ribs, a fractured pelvis, a fractured tibia, and a broken nose. The Smith family is most thankful for the fine medical treatment that Tom is receiving at the hospital, and they remain hopeful for a speedy and full recovery.

“Matters of this significance always are fraught with allegations of fault and contentions of responsibility. We have already seen the finger pointing between the cable company and NICOR. These typical ‘defense tactics’ ultimately get sorted out in the discovery phase of the litigation, and this case will be no exception. Interestingly, a neighbor next to the house that exploded cautioned the excavation company about the location of their digging because it was the precise site where a house explosion had occurred several years prior. This should make for some very interesting deposition testimony!” claimed GWC managing partner, Louis C. Cairo.

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