Illinois Industrial Worker Killed When Disemboweled By Machinery

Throughout the scope of this blog, we have detailed what seems like countless workplace accidents across a variety of occupations in both Chicago and Illinois more broadly. While there are several safety regulations that should be closely adhered to in most workplaces, particularly those that are a construction or industrial setting, the reality is that employers will often cut corners to save money at the expense of safety. This is typically when devastating workplace accidents occur.

Following a workplace accident that results in catastrophic or deadly injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is often called in to conduct an investigation to uncover any lapses in safety. They will exact fines for infractions to ensure the continued wellbeing of the rest of an employers workers.

Last year, when testing of hydraulic cylinders at a Peoria, Illinois, industrial machinery firm went terribly wrong, a worker met a gruesome end. The man had his arm severed in addition to effectively being disemboweled by this malfunctioning equipment. He suffered for two days following the accident, but ultimately could not overcome these critical injuries.

When OSHA conducted an investigation following this death, they found several safety lapses, and also deduced that the plant knew of the issue that ultimately led to this workers demise. OSHA proposed a fine of $82,000 for the safety violations. An OSHA representative for that area of Illinois gave his opinion that this worker would likely not have died on the job if this safety risk had been rectified in a timely manner.

This fine likely barely even registers to the family of this killed worker as they grapple with their unbearable grief just seven months after his death. Speaking with an experienced attorney in similar situation can help a grieving family find answers, justice and pursue the maximum amount of financial compensation following such a terrible workplace accident.

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