Illinois Workers Compensation Reform on the Horizon

Many of our clients and friends are aware that the Illinois legislature recently considered a pro-business, anti-worker, and anti-union workers compensation bill during the veto session in January. With intense lobbying by so many people concerned about this damaging legislation we were able to hold off a vote on this terrible bill.

Frankly, all of our lobbying efforts most likely convinced enough of our legislative friends that this bill would hurt injured workers, medical providers, union health and welfare funds, insurance companies, and taxpayers. Unfortunately, we believe that this attack on our injured workers may not be over.

The big question is why would our democratic controlled state representatives and state senators, who so many of us helped get elected with our money, time, and effort, turn on us and try to pass such harmful legislation?

Why would Speaker Madigan and Senator Cullerton state that it is their goal to pass some type of workers compensation reform during the next legislative session? It is obvious that they have never had their paychecks wrongfully withheld, or been forced to go to a state of Illinois doctor for medical treatment.

Below you will find a series of correspondence sent out during the last lobbying blitz. Please review our correspondence and continue to contact your state representatives and state senators and let them know how important it is that they leave the Workers Compensation Act alone. It is hard enough now to get fair treatment and any changes will make it much worse for the injured worker to get fair and timely benefits.

– Michael Goldberg