Listed as Unit 2

What If I Am Listed as Unit 2 on the Police Report for My Car Accident?

Listed as Unit 2When police officers in Illinois complete a police report – known as an Illinois Traffic Crash Report – after a car accident, the driver believed to be more at fault will typically be listed as Unit 1. So if you have been listed as Unit 2 on the police report, the responding officer most likely has determined that you were not at fault for your car accident. Can this help your personal injury claim? Absolutely, provided that the responding officer’s assessment is accurate.

For this reason, it is important that you present a convincing version of the events leading up to the crash to the responding officer so that you will be listed as Unit 2 on the police report. Being listed wrongfully as Unit 1 does not necessarily mean that you do not have a valid personal injury claim, but it places you at a distinct disadvantage, providing a pretext for the other driver’s insurance company to deny your claim. It is therefore crucial that you participate in the police report process to ensure that you are listed as Unit 2 when you are not at fault for a car accident.

What Else Can Help My Claim Other Than Being Listed as Unit 2?

Being listed as Unit 2 on the police report is helpful, but a police report is not the only basis for determining the cause of a collision. There may be other evidence that could help bolster your case. This evidence may include eyewitness testimony, forensic examination of the points of impact, accident reconstruction, and video footage. By gathering and presenting all of this material, you may be able to prove to an insurance company or a jury what really happened and help build a successful personal injury claim.

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