National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week

hydroplaningWork zones are dangerous for workers and drivers. Roadway work zones are often accompanied by lane changes, construction works and their equipment.

It is especially important that drivers pay close attention to the signals, signs and equipment placed near work zones to avoid accidents.

In honor of National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week (NWZAW), which runs from March 23-27, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT )is raising awareness of work zone safety.

It is almost construction season in our state and motorists are encouraged to reduce work zone accidents with a new initiative called See Orange. Slow Down. Save Lives.

Work Zone Safety Tips

Illinois Toll way, in partnership with IDOT, provides the following work zone safety tips. Drivers are reminded to:

  • Slow down in work zones whether workers are present or not
  • Move over for emergency vehicles
  • Change lanes with caution
  • Watch out for workers
  • Dont tailgate
  • Call *999 for emergency roadway assistance
  • Never stop in an I-Pass or Pay Online lane

By following the recommended safety tips, motorists can ensure that workers in work zones remain safe. Remember that whether a driver is in a work zone or not, handheld devices are not permitted on Illinoiss roadways.

Illinois has strict penalties for violating the law near work zones. Even speeding in a work zone carries a hefty penalty of $375 for a first time offense. A second speeding ticket in a work zone carries a minimum fine of $1,000.

In the worst case scenario, drivers who injure a worker in a work zone could face up to 14 years in jail and a fine of at least $ 10,000.

The consequences are so grave that everyone is warned to be on their best driving behavior in an around work zones.

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