GWC Attorney Raul Rodriguez Secures Loss of Trade Settlement for Latino Laborer

attorney-raul-rodriguez-edit2On a cold and icy January morning in 2013, Chicago laborer Salvador Lara slipped and fell at work. Little did he know this would his last day working in the trade and craft he worked his entire life to develop.

After visiting with an orthopedic doctor, Salvador was diagnosed with a labral tear. He immediately hired a suburban attorney, but upon hearing of the expertise GWC Injury Lawyers brought to the table and the ability to be represented by an attorney who spoke his native language, Mr. Lara met with Mr. Rodriguez. He hired him on the spot.

Mr. Rodriguez immediately went to bat for Mr. Lara ensuring that the insurance company paid his temporary total and temporary partial disability benefits. Mr. Lara eventually underwent a repair of the labral, but received more bad news as his orthopedic doctor discovered a triangular fibrocartilage complex (tfcc) tear in his right wrist. Mr. Rodriguez was there to help Mr. Lara through this difficult time and to ensure that employer would be held accountable for the latest injury.

Following the conclusion of his treatment, Mr. Laras fear of not returning to his prior occupation became reality when his doctor released him with permanent restrictions. GWC immediately sought vocational rehabilitation and maintenance benefits. After an unsuccessful job search, Mr. Rodriguez pushed the employer to pay Mr. Lara what he deserved for the detrimental effect this injury had on his future employment.

Both parties finally agreed to a settlement of $275,000. Mr. Lara can now resume his life knowing that his lawyer maximized the value of his case.

Congratulations to Raul Rodriguez on this outstanding achievement.