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Teen Boy Starts a Police Brutality Lawsuit

In Waukegan, a federal lawsuit is brewing regarding a teen boy that claims his nose was broken by police brutality.

The 13-year-old boy, along with his 14-year-old friend, had been arrested for being in supposed connection with a broken window. According to the boys, they were then harassed by a detectives into confessing (which, in the end, they still did not do).

After they were arrested, they were put in separate rooms, and the interrogations began.  The boys asked to contact their parents, but their requests were denied.  After the boys refused to waive their Miranda rights, they continued to be questioned.

The 13-year-old boy claims that he was threatened harm if he did not confess.  He did not, and therefore received a hit to the face (by a cellphone that the boy owned).  This blow broke the childs nose. He also claims that a chair was kicked out from underneath him, which caused him to hit the wall and bruise his head.

Several hours later, they boys were released.  Charges were not held against either one of them.

Police brutality is a very serious matter.  If you or someone you care about is ever a victim of this type of abuse, its important to contact a lawyer you can trust.