The Unions and GWC

As Illinois largest Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Law Firm, GWC has had significant exposure to many of the fine efforts that the Unions in Illinois have put forth to make our state, and country, a better, safer and healthier place to live. All too often, our unions get negative media coverage because of strikes [that are designed to improve wages and benefits for hundreds of thousands of families], pensions [that were negotiated for often in exchange for less wages so as to promote a healthy retirement that would not be dependent upon Social Security] and the high costs of building union [costs associated with significant training in their trade and safety, providing the best quality workmanship available.] There is so much good that the unions do that is never spoken in coffee shops, on the news, in the daily newspaper or on the internet. The purpose of this blog is to bring attention to a few of the things that the unions are involved in that are designed to help so many people in this state; and the unions are not promoting these things, they are not asking for praise or recognition, and they are not asking for any elses help. They are just doing it because it is the right thing to do for Illinois and our country. Read more
GWC Injury Lawyers Sponsors Pediatric Cancer Foundation Cocktail Reception

As part of GWCs unwavering commitment to give back to the community, we are proud to have sponsored Lawyers For Kids With Cancer, a cocktail reception to help increase awareness and provide support among the Chicago legal community for a truly remarkable pediatric cancer foundation: Bear Necessities.