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Understanding Employee Vacation Benefits

business-vacationAs much as we all would like to think that we have a right to vacation benefits, we dont. Paid time off is actually a benefit that employers choose to provide to their employees.

Because of this they have control over what their vacation benefits policy looks like, though, there are state and federal labor laws regulating how that policy can be applied to employees. If you feel that your employee rights regarding vacation benefits have been violated, contact the experienced team of legal professionals at GWC Injury Lawyers for help getting the compensation you deserve.

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Vacation Benefits Abuses

The following are three ways employers may infringe on employees rights when it comes to vacation time:

Employment termination: Because vacation time is considered a form of compensation, when an employee quits or is fired, employers are obligated by Illinois law to provide compensation for unused time.

Vacation time discrimination: It is considered a violation of the law if an employer does not apply vacation policies fairly across an employee group.

Bargaining chip: The same is true for employers who withhold vacation time as a way to get back at employees, whether at the time of termination or at any point during employment.

Consistency: Although employers have leeway over much of their vacation policy, they are required to follow through with their promised benefits to employees as outlined in the employee handbook or in their company policies.

Allowable Vacation Benefits Restrictions

Employers are permitted to create some restrictions on vacation policies such as:

  • Certain timeframes in which vacation may be taken
  • How much vacation time employees may save without losing it
  • If vacation benefits will be granted in a use it or lose it manner
  • Prior to taking vacation time, the amount of necessary notice that must be given
  • Restricting vacation time to a certain type of employee classification, such as only full-time employees.

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