Workers Compensation Benefits Under Attack

roofing-injuries-editWorkers compensation is a benefits system that allowed workers to recover some of their wages and medical bills after a work injury.

Increasingly, this system of benefits is under attack all across America as companies lobby to reduce coverage.

For years, workers, especially in dangerous industries, knew that if they were injured their employer and the employers insurance company would be obligated to provide necessary medical care.

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Large companies and insurance companies have pushed through workers compensation reforms that virtually guarantee injured workers will plummet into poverty, according to joint ProPublica and NPR study.

While employers and their advocates have argued that the cost of workers compensation insurance has skyrocketed, the study revealed that the cost of workers compensation premiums have in fact decreased over the years.

In fact, the study revealed that the cost for workers compensation insurance premiums is at a 25-year low. These costs of have been failing despite the rise in Americas overall healthcare costs.

Across the country, employers pay between $.88 and approximately $3.50 for every $100 they pay employees in wages. Employers in every state are paying less today than they did in the late 1980s.

Anti-Worker Movement

Organizations such as the American Legislative Council have successfully pushed the introduction of model legislation in states across America.

State legislative houses buoyed by donations from big businesses have moved swiftly to erode the protections that workers compensation benefits have provided to families.This anti-worker, anti-labor, pro-company legal and policy movement is destroying American families.

The heartbreaking stories uncovered by ProPublica and NPR tell of Americans living on the margins because large companies have successfully lobbied to strip them of their benefits.

This anti-worker movement is nationwide and is driven by special interest groups. At GWC, we like to think we are the primary special interest group for people who have nowhere to go.

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