Worker Suffers Serious Head Injury After Bus Hit

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In Chicago, road construction is an activity that goes on 24/7 during most of the year. When a road is being repaired, the lanes may close down from five to three or four, and the traffic backs up. This construction-made traffic jam is filled with motorists and truck drivers as well as buses.

A road construction accident that occurred in the Detroit area could easily have happened in Chicago. A road worker was nicked by a bus, but the pole the worker was carrying acted like a fulcrum and helped to launch the worker into a nearby crane.

According to news sources, the 41-year-old construction worker was carrying a 36-foot pole. He was walking parallel to traffic and about 15 feet away from the nearest traffic lane. For some unknown reason, the 41-year-old turned slightly and the long pole extended into the traffic lane where it was struck by a bus. The impact catapulted the man about 10 feet through the air and into a crane.

According to news reports, the 41-year-old is in critical condition with a head injury. He was wearing a helmet, but it was not enough to protect him from the blow. According to the American Hospital Association, someone in critical condition has the following attributes:

  • Vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits
  • Patient may be unconscious
  • Indicators such as pupil dilation are unfavorable

There was no speculation regarding whether the man would or would not make a full recovery. Because he suffered an on-the-job injury, he should be eligible for workers’ compensation, including coverage of his medical expenses.

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