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GWC Conducts One of the First Zoom Bench Trials in Illinois

Lance Northcutt
Lance D. Northcutt

GWC’s Lance D. Northcutt and Bennett J. Baker recently conducted one of the first Zoom bench trials in Illinois on behalf of a Teamster in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Zoom Bench Trial in Response to Pandemic

In March 2016, GWC’s client, a Teamster, was delivering beverages to a sports bar in East Dundee, IL. In order to complete his delivery, the client had to descend stairs leading to the Defendant’s basement. The Defendant had allowed the stairs to remain greasy and wet instead of remedying them before the delivery took place. As a result, the client slipped and fell on the stairs, inflicting serious injury.

Mr. Northcutt and Mr. Baker had scheduled a trial in this matter, but the

Bennett J. Baker

coronavirus pandemic has shut down the courts in Illinois until at least next year.

“Rather than delay justice for our client,” said Mr. Northcutt, “we came to an agreement with the Defense to arrange a bench trial through Zoom.”

A bench trial is a trial by judge, as opposed to a trial by jury. Since juries cannot be allowed to gather currently in Illinois courtrooms because of the risk of spreading COVID-19, GWC and the Defense made arrangements with the presiding judge in the case to schedule a bench trial via Zoom. It is one of the first such Zoom trials in the state. The Zoom trial took place on September 14 and 15. A verdict is expected on September 30.

“The pandemic has made every part of American life more difficult, including the legal system,” said Mr. Baker. “It is important that we as attorneys find innovative ways to get justice for our clients.”

GWC Fights For Its Clients in Challenging Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenging times for our society. Nevertheless, GWC Injury Lawyers LLC will not let it prevent us from fighting for the rights of our clients.

GWC has recovered more than $2 billion dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of wrongfully injured people. Whether it is a premises liability claim, a car crash, a workplace mishap, a construction injury, a case of medical malpractice, or a wrongful death, we have been tirelessly working for Illinois families for more than four decades.

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