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Highly-Skilled Chicago Lyft Accident Attorney

Chicago Lyft Accident Lawyers Assisting Victims of Ride-Share Accidents

Lyft, a prominent ride-sharing service, has transformed the way people travel around Chicago. Through the convenience of smartphone apps, users can quickly find and accept a ride without the wait associated with taxis or public transportation.

Despite its growing popularity, accidents involving Lyft drivers are on the rise. This is often due to factors like driver inattention or carelessness.

Exploring Your Legal Options

If you are injured in a collision involving a Lyft driver, you have several things to consider before you file a claim. Our Chicago team of lawyers is prepared to explain your legal options and handle your case involving the rideshare driver and Lyft.

Our law firm is nationally recognized for understanding the details of rideshare service liability and related insurance coverage issues. We are dedicated to fighting for your rights. Our attorneys determine the liable parties and secure the compensation you are entitled to.

Rights of Lyft Accident Victims to Claim Damages

Lyft positions itself as a technology platform rather than a conventional transportation service. This allows it to sidestep some regulations that traditional companies must adhere to. For instance, Lyft does not mandate specific safety training for its drivers nor require regular vehicle inspections.

This stance as a tech company enables Lyft to deflect accountability for accidents caused by driver error, placing the onus on the drivers themselves and minimizing corporate liability.

The unique insurance and liability issues linked to Lyft can make the personal injury claims process more challenging for victims. Lyft provides an insurance policy that covers incidents occurring during rides for which the driver is being paid. Sometimes, however, the driver’s personal insurance might supersede Lyft’s policy.

An experienced Lyft accident attorney in Chicago can advocate for your right to compensation from both the driver’s personal insurance company and Lyft’s corporate policy.

What to Expect When Working with a Skilled Accident Attorney – Lyft Accident Compensation

Establishing the driver’s fault, usually by proving their negligence, is the first step in the claims process. The claimant must then demonstrate that the driver had a duty of care, breached that duty, and caused the accident and resulting injuries.

Lyft drivers, like those of other services, can be negligent by engaging in unsafe behaviors such as distracted driving. If this negligence leads to an accident, the driver — and potentially Lyft — can be held accountable.

Potential Recoveries in a Successful Lyft Accident Claim Include:

  • Medical expenses from the accident

  • Rehabilitation costs

  • Lost wages and reduced earning capacity

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional trauma

  • Loss of life quality, companionship, or consortium

  • Disfigurement or physical disability

Range of Injuries from Lyft Accidents

Injuries from a Lyft accident can vary in severity, from broken bones and muscle strains to traumatic brain injuries and spinal damage. Professional medical evaluations might be necessary to prove present, and predict future, medical needs. This is a process that an experienced Lyft accident attorney will facilitate, including the collection of all pertinent medical documentation.

Consult with a Chicago Rideshare Accident Lawyer for Lyft Accident Claims

At GWC Injury Lawyers, we fight to get fair compensation for victims and their families after a Lyft accident. To that end, we investigate all accidents, from minor rear-end bumps to serious side-impact collisions. Our resources help us find out what happened and make sure anyone at fault is held responsible.

For a chance to discuss your case with a skilled Chicago car accident lawyer, contact us at 312-999-9999 or visit us online. We provide free consultations, so there is no financial risk involved.