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Information About the Acne Medication Accutane®

Accutane is a popular prescription medication used to treat moderate to severe acne and has been prescribed to millions of people since its introduction to the market in 1982. In 2009, Roche Laboratories Inc., the United States pharmaceutical manufacturer responsible for the drug, issued a press release stating that it would be discontinuing the manufacture of Accutane. Roche’s withdrawal of its Accutane brand from the market came amid a deluge of litigation against the company over the purported links between Accutane-use and a number of potential side effects including liver damage, kidney damage, inflammatory bowel disease (including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), severe birth defects, and even suicidal ideations (for more information on the potential link between Accutane-use and suicide, It is in September 2010 study on the topic published in the British Medical Journal.

In a recent case filed against the drug manufacturer over Accutane’s purported link to inflammatory bowel disease, a New Jersey appeals court awarded one man $25.16 million in damages. In that case, a computer technician testified that he got sick after taking Accutane for acne treatment in 1995; as a result of his condition he had to undergo five surgeries including the removal of his colon. The jury found that the verdict it returned was fair given the significant amount of pain and suffering that the plaintiff endured. In that case as well as other, similar Accutane lawsuits, a common thread is evident: juries believe that the makers of Accutane have not done enough to adequately warn users of the potential health problems that have been associated with the use of Accutane.

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