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Auburn-Gresham CTA Bus Accident Sends At Least Ten to Hospitals

Auburn-Gresham CTA bus accidentA recent Auburn-Gresham CTA bus accident sent at least ten people with injuries to hospitals in the Chicago area, according to authorities.

Multiple Vehicles in Auburn-Gresham CTA Bus Accident

Multiple vehicles were involved in the Auburn-Gresham CTA bus accident, which took place at 79th Street and Damen Avenue just before 10:00 a.m. on July 25, 2020. A nearby security camera captured the crash.

The driver of a red Hyundai was reportedly traveling eastbound on 79th Street when it ran a red light at an intersection. The Hyundai then crashed into a blue Dodge that was lawfully traveling northbound on Damen Avenue. The impact caused the Hyundai to overturn and forced the Dodge to collide with a CTA maintenance bus that was stopped at the light.

Among the injured was a little girl who was a passenger in one of the cars. She was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital in fair condition. The other injured parties, who were all adults, were transported to area hospitals with conditions ranging from good to critical. According to the Chicago Fire Department, five other people refused treatment at the scene.

Citations are pending an investigation into the cause of the Auburn-Gresham CTA bus accident.

Why CTA Bus Accidents Are So Challenging

Chicagoans take over 500 million public transportation rides annually, many of them on CTA buses, of which there are nearly 1,800 on the road. With so many trips each year, there is a heightened potential for accidental injury. A CTA bus passenger who is the victim of an accident has the legal right to seek damages, while the surviving family members of someone who has been killed in a CTA bus crash could also potentially pursue a claim under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act.

But obtaining compensation for a CTA bus accident can prove especially difficult. There can be multiple potential causes for an incident, such as detective traffic signals, distracted operators, overloaded vehicles, or mechanical failure. Sometimes a non-CTA vehicle may actually be at fault, as may have been the case with the Auburn-Gresham CTA bus accident, so that its driver would be financially liable for any injuries. A plaintiff and his or her lawyer must promptly initiate an investigation to determine the cause of an incident so that the responsible party can be identified.

In addition to the usual difficulties of establishing fault, municipal entities such as the CTA have certain special protections under the law, including an abbreviated “Statute of Limitations,” which is the time in which a victim has to file a lawsuit or otherwise resolve a claim. The Statute of Limitations for personal injury cases involving municipal entities is typically one year, as opposed to two years for other similar lawsuits (with certain exceptions). If a suit is not filed within this time frame, an injured party will likely be forever barred from doing so.

Public Transportation Accident Lawyers Fighting for You

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