Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If I or a family member suffer an injury from an accident, how can we tell if we have a legal case?

Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation cases can be quite complex.

An analysis of the facts and the applicable laws must be made to determine whether an individual has a viable claim. That analysis should be made by a lawyer that has extensive experience handling all types of Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation matters. At GWC we have over 20 such lawyers available to review the facts of your case and make the determination if a viable claim exists.

At the time of the accident, what should I do to protect my legal rights?

Since your health is critical, the most important thing that you should do is seek immediate medical assistance from a competent medical doctor or local hospital.

Of course, make sure that you give an accurate history of the injuries related to your accident or on-the-job incident. Secondly, you should consult with a lawyer that is experienced in handling Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation matters so that you can receive legal advice concerning the proper steps that should be taken to protect your legal rights.

As an injured party, should I cooperate with corporate representatives or investigators that contact me concerning the incident?

Insurance company adjusters, corporate representatives, and investigators hired by either one of these entities typically contact people after an accident or on-the-job injury.

These are, of course, most often the same companies against whom your claim for injuries will be made. These representatives and investigators are often relentless in trying to persuade injured people, their families, and their co-workers to cooperate with the company’s investigations. We cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of having YOUR own team of lawyers to conduct the investigation of the facts concerning your injury, rather than the company’s or insurance carrier’s. If you are contacted by one of these individuals following an accident or injury, refer them to GWC so that your lawyer can take charge of the investigation, and NEVER give a recorded statement without first consulting with your own attorney.

What are GWC Injury Lawyers LLC’s credentials?

Nothing. Not even the cost of the phone call. Call us on our toll-free number and we will be happy to discuss your case on the telephone or set up an appointment to meet with you personally. Your no-obligation consultation will be free, and it will to help us to determine whether you have a viable case.