Building Safety Month

May Is Building Safety Month

May is Building Safety Month, a yearly campaign to raise awareness about the central role of building codes in promoting the well-being of the public.

History of Building Safety Month

This is the 42nd annual Building Safety Month. The initiative was created by the International Code Council (ICC), a construction industry group that produces “model codes and standards and building safety solutions that include product evaluation, accreditation, technology, training, and certification” for professionals in the building trades.

According to the ICC, the event advocates for building safety through “proclamations, informational events, legislative briefings, and more.”

“Safety for All: Building Codes in Action”

This year’s theme is “Safety for All: Building Codes in Action.” The program for 2022 will focus on such issues as “building safety, energy, water, and disasters.”

“These factors are a constant concern for our homes, schools, businesses, and communities,” said ICC Chief Executive Officer Dominic Sims. “It makes the role of modern building codes even more important as we strive to keep them well-built and resilient.”

Each week will highlight a different secondary theme, including:

Week One (May 1–8) – “Planning for a Safe & Sustainable Tomorrow”
Week Two (May 9–15) – “Exploring Careers in Building Safety”
Week Three (May 16–22) – “Understanding Disaster Mitigation”
Week Four (May 23–31) – “Creating a Safe & Abundant Water Supply”

The ICC will also be providing promotional materials for anyone who wishes to participate, including safety tips and educational packets for elementary school students.

Building Codes Often Disregarded

Proper building code enforcement is an essential part of a safe society. Unfortunately, far too many developers and landowners do not construct or maintain their premises in accordance with established standards, placing tenants and lawfully invited guests at significant risk of harm.

This sort of negligence often grows out of a desire to save money – a desire that may be shortsighted in light of the heavy cost that could come later. Each year, there are nearly 250,000 accidents arising out of defective property conditions in the United States, 20 to 30 percent of which may result in serious injuries or loss of life. And this statistic may be far lower than the actual number of these types of occurrences because it only reflects incidents in which the victims either reported what happened or retained personal injury attorneys to help them pursue legal action against the at-fault parties.

Helping Those Hurt by Building Code Negligence

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