Burnside Porch Collapse Injures Worker

A Chicago man was injured in a Burnside construction accident last Monday. The Chicago Tribune reports that the injured construction worker was performing demolition work at a home when the front porch’s roof collapsed on him.

The 60-year-old worker was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital with neck and back injuries. He was reportedly in stable condition and it is unclear whether he has already been released.

A neck injury in a construction accident can be catastrophic and career-ending. Even if a neck injury is not career-ending, workers often have endure months of hard physical rehabilitation in order to return to work. Workers who suffer from neck and back injuries are also more likely to aggravate their injuries in subsequent falls or other accidents.

It is unclear what caused the Burnside porch roof to collapse or whether the collapse was attributable to OSHA violations at the demolition site. Failure to adhere to OSHA standards during a demotion can result in similar collapses and worker injuries. The majority of construction accidents such as this one are wholly preventable, and it is likely an OSHA investigation will be launched into the safety procedures at this particular demolition site.

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