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Cell Phone Use & Commercial Vehicle Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibits the drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) from entering characters into an electronic device or reading from that device. This prohibition includes email, instant messages, instant messaging, and surfing the Internet. It also includes voice communication if it requires pressing more than one button to initiate or end the communication. The penalties for violating these regulations include fines and deductions from the Driver’s Safety Measurement System results.

CMV drivers may use a mobile phone if they are able to operate it while wearing a safety belt. They should also use a speakerphone function or earpiece to listen to the phone without using their hands.

A voice-activated feature is also helpful for allowing a CMV driver to operate a mobile phone without violating FMCSA regulations. CMV drivers dialing mobile phone while they drive increase their chances of being involved in a crash by a factor of six.

Considerations in truck crashes

Victims of a truck accident caused by distracted driving are entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. A large truck accident requires an attorney who can expend the resources necessary to adequately investigate and prepare the case. An experienced truck accident attorney should also be willing to pursue the case aggressively to obtain a fair compensation for the victim.