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Chicago Man Wins $531k in Motorcycle Accident Case

The Chicago law firm of GWC Injury Lawyers recently obtained a $531,000 verdict on behalf of one of our clients who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. This case was headed by GWC senior partner Larry E. Weisman, who specializes in severe personal injury litigation.

Our client was injured while riding on a motorcycle in the right eastbound lane of Chicago Avenue. A car in the center lane of the road made an abrupt right turn in front of our client, causing a crash.

Motorcycle accidents are among the most serious types of crashes in Chicago because motorcyclists often sustain severe personal injuries when they are thrown from their bikes. Common motorcycle accident injuries include head trauma, cuts, broken bones, internal injuries and spinal damage.

In this case, our client suffered a right femur fracture which had to be surgically repaired. Our client, who works as a chef, was also unable to work for 12 weeks while in recovery.

This case is an example of our ability to maximize the results of our personal injury clients. The motorist’s last lowball offer was only for $110,000, which was insufficient to even cover our client’s $122,000 in hospital bills and $35,000 doctor’s bill.

The jury ultimately awarded $531,296.38 to our client including $10,400 in lost wages for the time he could not work while recovering from his injuries.

This is just one of many large jury verdicts and settlements that the attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers have obtained on behalf of our clients. Throughout the years GWC has grown to become Illinois’ largest personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm through our unique ability to prepare every case for trial and ensure that our clients’ legal rights are protected.