Chicago Schools To Get Concussion Kits

In the midst of a growing awareness of the strong risk of traumatic brain injuries from contact sports, a foundation donated 80 concussion diagnosis kits to the Chicago public high school system last week. Even a seemingly minor impact can cause a dangerous traumatic brain injury and the foundation hopes to help protect young athletes.

Chicago Public Schools currently requires concussion management training for its athletic staff. When player symptoms meet specified criteria, coaches must take them out of the game until a medical professional can clear them to keep playing.

The Dave Duerson Foundation, named for a former Chicago NFL player, donated concussion kits to the high schools to help check students for concussions during games. The kits use the King-Devick test to scan players’ eyes for irregular movements. Access to this test will help athletics coaches make quicker safety determinations on the field. If a player’s symptoms merit concern, the coach can immediately send the student for medical treatment.

Traumatic brain injuries can have severe, often permanent effects, including the need for substantial, long-term treatment and care. Because repeat brain injuries can become cumulatively more serious, concussions in high school sports can have profoundly negative consequences later in life.

Dave Duerson’s son, Tregg, said “It is our hope and duty to contribute to a safer game of football in memory of my father.” Dave Duerson suffered multiple concussions while playing football and his death last year is the subject of a lawsuit against the NFL.

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