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Chicago Truck Driver Injured On I-55 Work Injuries

When a person is working and is injured, he or she should be covered by workers’ compensation. That coverage exists not only when a person is working in a Chicago factory or office building, but also when working out-of-state or when driving for work-related purposes

Recently a Chicago truck driver was driving his semi truck on Interstate 55 just south of Steele, Missouri, when he was involved in a truck accident that appears to be the other driver’s fault. The Chicago truck driver should be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.

According to news sources, the other driver was towing another car when he or she lost control of the car and either the car, or the towed car, swerved into the path of the tractor trailer being driven by the Chicago man.

The Chicago trucker struck the other vehicle which caused him to go off the road and hit two signposts and a fence. He was injured in the accident and taken to a hospital in the Memphis area.

It appears that the other driver was at fault, so in this case the injured trucker may also be eligible for personal injury compensation in addition to workers’ comp. The extent of his injuries was not made known, however it was mentioned that he was wearing his seat belt.

It is fortunate that the man’s injuries were not described as serious. According to NIOSH, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, semi truck drivers are at high risk for fatal crash-related injuries as well as for serious health disorders. Their fatality rate at 48.2 per 100,000 workers is about 11 times the fatality rate for the general work population.