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Construction Vehicle Accident in Niles Yields $6.5 Million Settlement

construction vehicle accidentA man who was injured in a construction vehicle accident in near northwest suburban Niles, IL has settled his lawsuit over the incident for $6.5 million.

Multiple Surgeries After Rear-End Crash

The construction vehicle accident took place on February 2, 2016. On that date, 36-year-old Sami Issaq was driving his car north on Milwaukee Avenue in Niles when he came to a stop because of children crossing the street ahead of him. Jeffrey Majewski, a Village of Niles employee, changed into Mr. Issaq’s lane in a village-owned front loader tractor and struck the rear of Mr. Issaq’s vehicle.

Doctors at Park Ridge’s Advocate Lutheran General Hospital initially diagnosed Mr. Issaq with middle and lower back sprains. Later MRIs revealed that Mr. Issaq suffered from herniated discs in the cervical and lumbar spine. He underwent five neck and back surgeries from May 2016 through May 2018.

Mr. Issaq filed suit against Mr. Majewski and the Village of Niles, alleging negligence. His doctors contended that he had permanent disabilities from the construction vehicle accident.

Attorneys for the defendants argued that Mr. Issaq was “contributorily negligent” because he stopped suddenly in traffic. A defendant medical expert also disputed the claim that Mr. Issaq suffered permanent disabilities because of the construction vehicle accident, arguing that he had a history of neck and back problems prior to the incident.

Additionally, defense attorneys argued that because the construction vehicle accident occurred at such a low speed – between five and seven miles per hour – it could not have been the cause of Mr. Issaq’s injuries.

Attorneys for Mr. Issaq and the defendants settled the lawsuit for $6.5 million during mediation prior to a May 2 trial date.

Illinois Construction Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Accidents involving construction vehicles, such as front loader tractors, can be devastating because of the size of the vehicles themselves. Because of its sheer weight, when a large construction vehicle crashes into a smaller vehicle, even at relatively low speeds, severe injuries can result. These may include broken bones, amputation of limbs, brain damage, paralysis, and even death.

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