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DA Reviewing Roadside Worker Death In Kansas

Everyone in Illinois, and in other states, knows how dangerous construction zones can be. Both workers and drivers must be observant at all times. One moment of inattentiveness could lead to a serious, or sometimes even fatal, accident.

Such is the case for a 22-year-old man who was killed earlier this month in Kansas. An employee representative for Construction Inc. explained that this was the first reported construction zone death for one particular county this year.

This doesn’t take away from the seriousness of the situation though and prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office say they will review the case once the highway patrol finishes their investigation.

According to some reports, the top contributing circumstances to automotive accidents is inattentive drivers. Even during day time hours and in good weather conditions these accidents are still happening though, endangering not only motorists but workers and sometimes ending fatally. These types of cases could result in wrongful death claims.

A spokesman for the highway safety patrol stressed that even if all the necessary signs and cones are placed, and all the workers are wearing the most reflective clothing possible, crews need the cooperation of motorists to avoid these kinds of accidents.

For the surviving family of the deceased man, the emotional burden of losing a loved one and the expenses associated with burial could lead to compensation from the employer. Seeking a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer may not alleviate the pain of loss, but it may help recoup some of the expenses that may accrue.

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