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GWC’s Dana Blumthal Obtains WC Settlement Worth More Than $1 Million

Dana BlumthalGWC Injury Lawyers attorney Dana Blumthal recently obtained a workers’ compensation settlement worth $1,029,759.00 for a former receptionist suffering from permanent injuries. This is one of the largest workers’ compensation settlements in Illinois history.

Two Herniated Discs

In August 2010, Ms. Blumthal’s client was employed as a receptionist at a suburban bank, which had a recycling bin for used batteries. As part of the duties of her job, the receptionist was ordered to carry the used battery bin to a back storage room and then empty it. Carrying the bin, which weighed approximately 60 pounds, caused her to herniate two discs in her cervical spine, with resultant impairment of the right arm.

The receptionist then underwent a cervical fusion surgery three months later in an attempt to repair her injuries. Unfortunately, that surgery did not alleviate her symptoms. In an effort to reduce the pain in her neck, the client would crane her head to the left. This action significantly aggravated a congenital condition that she had known as an “Adam’s Rib.”

“Adam’s Rib”

An “Adam’s Rib” is an extra rib growing out of the seventh cervical vertebra. It is estimated to occur in 0.2% to 0.5% of the population. Because of her attempts to alleviate her post-surgical pain with head movements, the client developed thoracic outlet syndrome with nerve impingement, seriously impairing both arms.

“Her pain was so great,” Ms. Blumthal said, “that she was unable to get out of bed many days.”

Ms. Blumthal’s client underwent an additional surgery in May 2016, a removal of the extra rib, which helped to alleviate her pain. However, she continues to suffer from permanent nerve damage in both arms and has been unable to return to work. She is also a likely candidate for future surgeries.

Denials by Insurance Company

The workers’ compensation insurance carrier for the client’s employer kept denying that her injuries were related to the incident and challenged the assertion that the client could not return to work.

“The insurance company made my client go through nine separate independent medical examinations by four different doctors,” said Ms. Blumthal. “It was an almost unprecedented obstruction.”

One of the Largest Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Illinois History

Ms. Blumthal was ultimately able to convince the insurance company of the merits of her client’s case. She settled the matter for $525,000.00 directly to the client, plus an additional $504,759.00 set aside for future medical treatment. That represents a total settlement worth $1,029,759.00, which is one of the largest workers’ compensation settlements in Illinois history.

One Satisfied Client

Ms. Blumthal’s client has nothing but positive things to say about her experience with her attorney.

“I cannot say enough about my lawyer, Dana Blumthal,” she recently said. “From the moment I landed in her capable hands, she’s listened and taken every concern seriously, and worked with me as a team, not independently. Dana has heart for the human side, not just for the professional, job oriented side. Dana proved to us her confidence in the court room and that she was smarter than her adversary. She always had a plan that worked, and she had my best interests in mind the entire time! She is a tireless worker who doesn’t stop until we win what we should win, not just what we should ‘settle’ for.”

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Even when workers sustain debilitating injuries, it is essential to prove that those injuries are work-related and to demonstrate their full impact.  Otherwise, the injured may not receive the financial compensation they deserve.

For this reason, if you have been hurt in the workplace, you may find that you could benefit from the guidance of the experienced and knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers.  Please contact GWC today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney. Call our office at (312) 464-1234 or click here to chat with one of our representatives.