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Drivers Must Stop At Crosswalks For Pedestrians

Do you know it is a law in Illinois to stop at crosswalks? Well it is, even if there is not a stop sign in view. If you see a pedestrian, give them a break; literally step on your brakes.

It is not always easy to see those yellow signs in the middle of the road, and they are not always there, especially if you are driving fast. However, pedestrians do see the signs while walking and they are taking a chance that the driver will as well.

A woman was run over in Lincoln Park last week while walking her son in a stroller. There was a “yield to pedestrians” sign at the scene of this tragic pedestrian accident. The distracted driver likely failed to see the sign and did not see the pedestrians before running them over.

It is state law in Illinois to stop at cross walks for pedestrians. Motorists should be mindful of this law so another family doesn’t have to spend time in the hospital.

As Illinois’ Largest Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Law Firm, we see these types of accidents all too often. If people paid more attention to their surroundings while driving, we would not have so many car accidents that cause catastrophic injuries. Distracted driving accidents are preventable, and prevention begins with the conscious effort of drivers to pay attention every time they get behind the wheel.