Electrical Accident Leaves O’Fallon Worker In Critical Condition

As of Feb. 2, a 35-year-old man from OFallon was still being treated after a serious electrical accident that happened on Jan. 23. He was working in Maryville at the time of the accident, and his condition remains critical.

An electrical wire reportedly fell on the mans vehicle while he was working at an intersection in Maryville. The citys police chief said that Southwestern Electric owns the power line, and apparently someone from the company made the emergency call.

When police arrived at the scene, a witness was trying to assist the injured man with chest compressions. The police chief went on to say that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was notified immediately, and someone from the agency came to the accident site to investigate.

The injured man was first taken to Anderson Hospital in Maryville. He was then airlifted to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis and placed in intensive care.

The business manager for the local union indicated that the mans family is having a hard time in the wake of the injury. OSHAs investigation was ongoing at the time of a local report, and the family is no doubt awaiting the findings.

As this case illustrates, electrical accidents can be devastating to workers and their families. People who suffer an electrocution injury may have to go through extensive rehabilitation, as well as face lost wages and high medical bills. Partial or total disability can also result, and any family going through this sort of ordeal needs to be aware of their legal options for workers compensation.

Source: BND.com, OFallon man is critically injured in work-related accident, Robyn L. Kirsch, Feb. 2, 2013