Elk Grove worker injured in Quality Auto Works fire Attorneys

A mechanic at Elk Grove’s Quality Auto Works was injured when the repair shop caught on fire yesterday afternoon. Authorities say that the cause of the workplace fire is unclear and that the mechanic cut his hand while escaping through one of the shop’s windows. Roof damage is making it hard for investigators to investigate the scene and it is not known whether any other employees suffered workplace injuries in the blaze.

Burns and cuts are just some of many common injuries that can arise out of a workplace fire. These types of injuries are generally covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. The Act provides benefits for employees that are injured in workplace accidents or who suffer from workplace diseases. Some common medical conditions such as heart attacks may also be covered under the Act if it can be shown that a worker’s job contributed or caused the attack.

Workers’ compensation benefits are paid by an employer or by an insurer on the employer’s behalf. An employer is not allowed to pass the cost of workers’ comp benefits onto an employee. Workers’ comp benefits can include medical expenses, lost wages, and retraining benefits if needed. In some cases death benefits may also be available under workers’ comp laws.