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Feds Fine Naperville Concrete Manufacturer

A Naperville concrete manufacturer was recently cited after a serious workplace accident that nearly killed a worker at its facility. U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced $70,000 in proposed fines and penalties against the Dukane Precast Inc. for an incident in which a worker at its facility became engulfed in a sand bin and suffered from serious crushing injuries.

Instead of calling emergency services, workers at the facility attempted to rescue the man for over an hour.

“Dukane Precast failed to enforce rules in place to protect workers,” said Kathy Webb, area director for OSHA in North Aurora. “Employers have a responsibility to immediately seek emergency assistance when a worker is injured on the job and to prevent others from putting themselves at risk in a rescue operation.”

OSHA officials have inspected Dukane Precast about 14 times since 1981 and issued the company approximately 25 citations for workplace health and safety violations. The most recent round of fines includes one “willful violation” of failing to immediately call emergence rescue service after the engulfment, and three “serious safety violations” for failing to maintain a safety raining by dangerous equipment, and permitting issues.

It is unclear whether any other workers at the facility suffered injuries during the rescue operation.

Source: OSHA, “US Labor Department’s OSHA cites Dukane Precast for failing to call emergency services after worker seriously injured when engulfed in sand Proposed fines total $70,000 for Naperville, Ill., company,” Region 5 News Release: 12-1434-CHI, July 30, 2012