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Fighting Your Own Insurer After A Collision

Imagine being run off the road by a hit and run car and sustaining serious injuries. Then picture your own insurance company denying you the right to seek compensation under your uninsured motorist policy.

This in fact happened to a client at downtown Chicago law firm of GWC Injury Lawyers. The insurance company actually filed suit asking a judge to rule that the insurer had no duty to compensate the injured GWC client. Of course, while this suit was going on the insurer refused to compensate the injured woman.

GWC attorney Bennett Baker successfully litigated this case, which resulted in the judge ordering the insurance company to cover the loss. After this ruling, the insurance company settled with Mr. Baker for the full policy limits within a month.

Mr. Baker has practiced personal injury law since 1978. Throughout his successful 30-year practice, Mr. Baker has become known as a Chicago expert on personal injury law. He routinely holds personal injury seminars and specializes in arbitrating complex litigation.

Throughout his career, Mr. Baker has secured many large verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients, including a $2.6 million settlement on behalf of a client whose car was hit by a speeding sheriff’s officer and $3.1 million for a pedestrian who was hit by a negligent driver.