File a Police Report

Should I File a Police Report for My Illinois Car Accident?

Filing a Police ReportWhen you are in a car accident in Illinois, ALWAYS make sure to file a police report, especially if you have been hurt and may be thinking about pursuing a personal injury claim.

Police investigations can make the difference between a successful car accident personal injury claim and a failed one. Police officers are trained to obtain important information and documentation in order to assemble and file a police report (known as the Illinois Traffic Crash Report in the State of Illinois), which documents the series of events leading up to a car accident.

It is critical for you to take part in this process and help to file a police report in order to assist any personal injury claim that you may choose to pursue. If another driver was at fault for the car accident, it is in your best interest to see that the police report accurately reflects that fact. Make sure that you tell the responding officer YOUR version of what happened.

Witness Statements Also Key

Additionally, ask any witnesses who were present at the time of the crash to share their impressions as well. If the responding officer fails to note the address or phone number of a witness on the police report, please be sure to acquire that information, as that witness’s later input may prove key to the success of your personal injury claim.

Remember, if you don’t file a police report, it becomes a case of your word versus the other driver’s, potentially to the detriment of your claim.

What Can I Do to Help My Claim Other Than File a Police Report?

While it is essential that you file a police report following your car accident, since it is a crucial step in building a successful personal injury claim, remember also that it is only the first step.

Successful personal injury claims are about telling your story as fully as possible, both about what happened during the car accident and about what has happened to you as a result of it, including your injuries, your economic costs, your pain and suffering, and changes in the enjoyment of your daily life.

You must present as full a portrait of your loss as possible, all in the face of skepticism from the Defendant’s insurance company and its attorneys, who are eager to downplay the extent of your damages so they can pay out as little as possible to resolve your personal injury claim.

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