GWC Maximizes Recovery for Police Officer Injured by Drunk Driver

rear end accident attorneysMany people do not realize that there can be multiple ways to receive financial compensation when you are injured in an auto accident. At GWC Injury Lawyers, attorney Bennett J. Baker was recently able to recover a total of $101,134.21 for an injured police officer from four different sources.

The Plaintiff in this case, a Stone Park police officer, was rear-ended by a drunk driver while on duty, sustaining damages throughout his spine. The defendant had what is called “state minimum insurance.” This is the legal minimum of injury liability coverage that you are required to carry according to Illinois state law.

“At the time of this incident,” said Mr. Baker, “that was $20,000.00. Because multiple parties were injured, we were able to obtain a settlement of $18,800.00 for our client, but that was just one avenue of recovery.”

The Stone Park Police Department also offers “underinsured motorist coverage” for its officers. This allows a Plaintiff to recover additional funds when the medical bills or damages are in excess of the defendant’s policy limits. Mr. Baker was able to obtain $40,000.00 for his client’s injuries from the department.

“While the police department had underinsured coverage in this matter,” Mr. Baker added, “most people’s insurance policies also offer additional coverage when the defendants are underinsured or even completely uninsured. It’s an additional means of recovery for your injuries.”

Mr. Baker further obtained an additional $30,000.00 from Noa Noa West, a dance club where the defendant became intoxicated prior to the collision, through Illinois’s Dram Shop Act.

“According to Illinois law,” said Mr. Baker, “plaintiffs can seek damages against bars and restaurants where drivers get intoxicated prior to injuring them in auto accidents. It’s an additional means of recovery.”

Furthermore, because he was on duty at the time, the Plaintiff obtained an additional $12,334.21 through his employers’ workers’ compensation insurance.

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