Jacqueline Hickey at Consulate

GWC Attorney Attends International Women’s Day Event at Consulate General of Mexico

Jacqueline Hickey at ConsulateOn March 8th, Spanish-speaking attorney Jacqueline Hickey represented GWC Injury Lawyers at an event celebrating International Women’s Day at the Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago.

She gave presentations about workers’ rights and what to do if you are injured on the job. The Consulate supports all women and this event addressed several important issues, such as domestic violence, labor rights, immigration law for domestic abuse victims, and health and medical options for women.

This was the second Consulate event that Ms. Hickey had attended in the past week. On March 3, she also represented GWC at the opening of the Consulate’s Center for Advocacy, a new program specifically designed to provide protection and consular assistance to Mexican migrants.

Hickey at Consulate Booth

In consideration of the new immigration measures announced by the United States government, the President of Mexico instructed all Consulates to become true advocates for the rights of Mexican migrants. Based on this instruction, the Consulate launched this Center for Advocacy: a new program specifically designed to provide protection and consular assistance.

Hickey With Nette Lasko
Jacqueline Hickey with Nettie Lasko, Government and Community Coordinator for Attorney General Lisa Madigan

“GWC is proud to stand with the Consulate General of Mexico by helping to inform and educate injured workers, as well as anyone who has been injured due to the carelessness of others, about their rights under Illinois law,” Ms. Hickey said.