GWC Attorney Secures Compensation for Injured Bus Driver

Raul V. Rodriguez, a workers compensation attorney at GWC Injury Lawyers, recently obtained a favorable ruling for his client when the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission ruled that benefits should be paid to a bus company employee who was injured on a school stairway in-between bus routes.

In order to make a successful claim for workers compensation benefits, an injured person must be able to prove that her injury occurred during the course of her employment. The Commission has previously ruled that bus drivers are traveling employees. Only those injuries that occur while an employee is required to travel and during the performance of reasonable services can be considered to have occurred during the course of employment.

In this case, the Commission found that it was reasonable and foreseeable that the bus driver would use the schools restroom or eat a meal between her routes, as it was her duty to enter the school and report to the schools administrative office. Since the bus drivers use of the school in-between routes was found to be perfectly reasonable and within the course of her employment, the Commission awarded her compensation under the Workers Compensation Act.