GWC Injury Lawyers Sues City of Chicago for $17 Million

Attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers have filed a lawsuit after one man died and one woman was seriously injured after experiencing accidents on dangerous Chicago roads.

In November of 2014, Carlo Kintanar was riding a motorcycle when his bike went over a dangerous and deep pothole. He died from the injuries that he sustained in that accident.

The area where Kintanar experienced his fatal accident was not closed off to motorists. In fact, the city had closed of parts of the street towards the middle, but failed to post signs alerting motorists to avoid entering.

Unfortunately, that was not the only accident associated with dangerous, ill-kept, and un-safe Chicago roads. In March of 2015, a bicyclist was riding her bike near 1300 North California road when her bikes wheels sank into a gravel construction zone in the bike lane.

The bicyclist, Alla Barsky, suffered serious injuries to her face when her bike abruptly came to a halt and she was thrown over her handlebars, landing on her face.

Lou Cairo was interviewed by ABC 7 Chicago, and he noted that bicycle riders are required to ride in the designated bike lane and the failure of the city to ensure safe passage was the cause of Kintanars death and Baraskys injuries.

Both families have retained GWC to represent them in their fight for justice against the city of Chicago.

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