Dr. Robert McBride sexual assault lawsuit

GWC Files Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Lockport Township High School District 205

GWC Injury Lawyers has filed suit against Lockport Township High School District 205 for the sexual assault of a 14-year-old student during an official school sporting event. GWC’s client, Jane Doe, has also named District 205 Superintendent Dr. Robert McBride, Jr. and Assistant Superintendent Anthony Cundari as defendants.

District Disregarded Duties Under Dr. Robert McBride’s Leadership

On December 9, 2022, Jane Doe, then a 14-year-old student of Lockport Township High School, was at another local high school as a member of a District 205 sports team. While there, she was forcibly raped by a fellow District 205 student. GWC has discovered that the assailant was the subject of multiple prior sexual assault allegations. Dr. Robert McBride, Jr., Anthony Cundari, and other District 205 officials knew that Doe’s assailant had an extensive history of sexual assault allegations, yet took inadequate or no steps at all to prevent Doe’s assailant from committing another sexual assault at this school sporting event.

District 205 had an obligation to keep all of its female students, particularly Doe, safe while participating in all types of official school events on the District’s various properties and beyond. District 205 also had duties to enforce the district’s own policies and promptly respond to known risks related to student safety and security. Under the leadership of Dr. Robert McBride, Jr. and his associates, District 205 consciously disregarded these duties and displayed an utter indifference for the care, security, and safety of the multiple female students attending the subject sporting event, most significantly Doe.

Unimaginable Damages Suffered by 14-Year-Old Girl

The complaint seeks damages for the physical and emotional injuries suffered by a 14-year-old young woman whose life has been forever harmed by the preventable, heinous sexual violence of a known sexual predator upon an innocent teenaged girl. Doe’s complaint also seeks additional information from the school where the assault occurred, naming it as a Respondent in Discovery.

“The damages suffered by Doe are the most unimaginable and life-altering that can occur to a young girl,” said GWC lead counsel Timothy J. Keiser. “The emotional scarring will never heal. Students should be safe during school activities. Parents should have the peace of mind that their children will remain safe when they are at school or participating in school-sanctioned events. Unfortunately, Doe and her family have had their peace of mind and sense of safety stripped away and trampled upon by the District’s conscious disregard for the health, safety, and well-being of this young girl. The allegations of the Complaint suggest that, given the District’s advanced knowledge of the assailant’s history, the District is the only party involved that was not shocked that this sexual assault occurred. Doe seeks and deserves justice from the District, Dr. McBride, and Mr. Cundari, given their knowledge of the assailant’s propensities as well as their responsibility to prevent such a heinous act from ever occurring at a school event.”

GWC Injury Lawyers proudly represents and fights for sexual assault victims, both locally and nationally. The firm has amassed settlements and verdicts in excess of $2.5 Billion since its inception and continues to achieve significant results for its seriously injured clients and their families.

For further information concerning this matter, please contact GWC Owner and Managing Partner Louis C. Cairo at [email protected], lead counsel Timothy J. Keiser at [email protected], or co-counsel Allison L. Dolan at [email protected].