GWC Injury Lawyers Welcomes Two New Partners

GWC Injury Lawyers LLC is proud to announce the promotion of two distinguished members of our team to the position of Partner: Deanna Cairo Arthur and Timothy J. Keiser. Over the course of their tenures, Deanna and Timothy have demonstrated exceptional dedication, skill, and leadership. We are thrilled to formally recognize their significant contributions to our firm.

Deanna Cairo Arthur

Deanna Cairo Arthur has steadily ascended through our ranks thanks to her expertise, determination, and commitment to continuous improvement. Her journey with GWC began in the mailroom during her college summers, a path reminiscent of her father’s early days. After obtaining her master’s degree in 2010, she began working as a paralegal. Deanna furthered her legal education at the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law, graduating in 2014, and soon began handling claims.

A few years ago, Deanna took on an additional administrative role within GWC’s human resources department. Collaborating extensively with senior partners, she gained invaluable knowledge in law firm management, accounting, and GWC’s complex case management system. Her selfless dedication, loyalty, and work ethic in her multiple roles within the firm have already added significant long-term value to our future operations.

Deanna’s unique skills in intake, claims handling, and HR/management have made her an invaluable asset to many critical tasks and functions. As a Partner, Deanna will leverage her extensive expertise to ensure our continued success.

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Timothy J. Keiser

Timothy J. Keiser began his legal career at GWC as a law clerk while attending DePaul University College of Law. After completing law school and passing the bar, he honed his legal skills by handling claims before transitioning to litigation. Tim’s reputation as a formidable trial lawyer is built upon meticulous preparation, zealous advocacy for his clients, and a strong desire to collaborate with both seasoned and new GWC attorneys.

Tim’s unique skill set and insatiable hunger for legal knowledge make him exceptionally qualified to handle a wide variety of cases. His intellectual abilities and innovative thinking will serve the firm well as he takes on the role of Partner, a position for which he has proven himself more than worthy. Tim’s ability to forge relationships and learn from the many GWC lawyers who have come before him, as well as collaborate with newer members, has established him as an aggressive, intelligent, and talented trial lawyer.

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A Bright Future for GWC

The future of GWC Injury Lawyers LLC is important to all of us and our families. It relies on each of us providing the highest quality of service, care, respect, and legal representation to our many clients. Our team has built a strong foundation of lawyers and future leaders who contribute to cultivating new business, supervising and mentoring our litigators, and creating a smooth and efficient administrative staff.

Deanna and Timothy’s promotions ensure that GWC will remain in capable hands and continue to be a highly respected injury law firm, esteemed by referral sources, adversaries, judges, insurance carriers, and the public alike.

These promotions are a testament to the exceptional talent within our firm and our commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and leadership. We look forward to the continued contributions of Deanna and Timothy as they help guide GWC toward an even brighter future.

We invite you to join in congratulating both Deanna and Tim on these significant career accomplishments. With their leadership, we are confident that GWC will continue to uphold its esteemed reputation and achieve its goals for many years to come.