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GWC Obtains $650,000 Settlement for Local 150 Operating Engineer

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Louis Anthony Cairo

GWC’s Louis Anthony Cairo recently obtained a $650,000.00 settlement for a motorist who was injured in a rear-end collision in Countryside.

Rear-End Collision at Intersection

Mr. Cairo’s client was operating his motor vehicle northbound on Willow Springs Road, approaching its intersection with South Joliet Road. At that time, the Defendant was also operating his motor vehicle northbound on Willow Springs Road, directly to the rear of Mr. Cairo’s client’s vehicle.

Mr. Cairo’s client then came to a complete stop in the left turn lane at the intersection. The Defendant then negligently failed to come to a complete stop and collided with Mr. Cairo’s client’s vehicle.

Car Accident Causes Severe Injury

Mr. Cairo’s client sustained injuries from the car accident, including neck pain, upper back pain, and headaches. Specifically, he suffered from right sided C5-6 and C6-7 paracentral disc protrusions coupled with numbness of the right trapezial area that extended to his right arm.

To treat his condition, Mr. Cairo’s client was initially prescribed physical therapy. When this course of treatment proved insufficient, the client underwent a round of epidural injections. Unfortunately, conservative treatment still did not resolve the pain and numbness that Mr. Cairo’s client was experiencing. As a result of Mr. Cairo’s client’s continued neck problems he underwent an anterior cervical fusion at C4-C5 and C6-7.

The defense argued vigorously through their biomechanical engineer expert, due to the lack of damage to Plaintiff’s vehicle there was absolutely no way the impact caused the injuries to the Plaintiff. The defense further argued, Plaintiff had severe degenerative disc disease and a long-standing history of neck problems which Plaintiff treated for two years prior to the occurrence.

Large Settlement for Client

By highlighting the gross negligence of the Defendant’s operation of his vehicle along with Mr. Cairo’s ability to obtain contradictory testimony from the Defendant’s expert, Mr. Cairo was able to negotiate a large settlement for his client in the amount of $650,000.00 less than a month before trial.

“Those that are negligent while driving their vehicles on the roads need to be held accountable for their actions,” said Mr. Cairo and “being able to provide my client with the justice that he deserved is why I love what I do.”

Illinois Car Accident Attorneys

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