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GWC Participates in the Michael Matters 5k Stadium Walk

GWC Injury Lawyers is proud to have participated in the Michael Matters 5k Stadium Walk in support of the Michael Matters Foundation. The Michael Matters Foundation was founded in honor of Michael P. Schostok, who succumbed to a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor at a young age.

Michael Schostok was a superb human being, an amazing husband and father, and an incredible trial lawyer who championed the rights of the injured and families who suffered the tragic loss of a loved one. From the date of Michaels initial diagnosis, through the surgery, all the treatments, hospice, until today, the entire process has been a heart-wrenching experience for Mikes family and close friends.

Unfortunately, Mike and his family are not the only people who have had to endure the suffering and pain associated with being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.

Accordingly, the Michael Matters Foundation has been formed in honor of Michael Schostok, to remember his legacy and to help those patients and their families who are stricken with this diagnosisuntil the day that this disease can be cured. Charity Band

The Foundations mission is to increase public awareness of this disease, raise funds that will be used for research to help find a cure, and to provide financial and emotional assistance to individuals and their family members living in the Chicagoland area who suffer from the inevitable impacts of brain cancer.

To learn more about the Michael Matters Foundation or to simply make a donation to this worthy cause, please visit www.michaelmatters.org. Your support and awareness are the keys to a cure!