GWC to Co-Host Judicial Panel Discussion on Ethics and Professionalism

The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism along with Louis Cairo and Colin OMalley of GWC Injury Lawyers are hosting a panel discussion on ethics and professionalism.

Justice Frank Clarke, a Justice on the Supreme Court of Ireland, along with the Chairman of the Bar Council of Ireland, David Barniville, will be leading a judicial panel discussing the evolution of ethics and professionalism in the legal field and emerging challenges for judges and lawyers.

This issue is timely, because rarely does a week go by where an attorney is not sanctioned, censured or suspended after committing ethical or criminal violations. The visibility of lawyers and the role they play in America means the profession is subject to great levels of scrutiny.

The professional and ethical rules that govern lawyers are adopted and enforced by the state supreme courts throughout the United States. Lawyers are also subject to stringent licensure requirements. Nonetheless, lawyers, who are as a group subject to civil, administrative, and criminal regulation, still manage to commit malpractice, violate their fiduciary duties and commit fraud.

Lawyers are considered to belong to a self-regulated field. In other words, lawyers and judges create and enforce the primary rules of professional conduct to which attorneys are subject. In order for self-regulation to be effective however, judges and lawyers must create, maintain and enforce stringent rules of professional conduct.

GWC Injury Lawyers is proud to take this opportunity along with the Supreme Court of Illinois to bring the legal systems of two countries together to identify ways of elevating the professionalism of attorneys in the United States and of attorneys in Ireland.