Hampshire chemical explosion

Hampshire Chemical Explosion Leaves One Dead

A Hampshire chemical explosion left one person dead and another critically injured at a manufacturing plant in Northern Illinois.

Tank Explodes at Plant

The chemical explosion took place at W.R. Meadows Inc., located near North State Street and Allen Road/Route 3 on the north side of Hampshire, IL. The Kane County plant manufactures asphalt and concrete materials for building construction.

On January 21, 2022, at approximately 10:45 a.m., two plant employees were reportedly cleaning a tank inside one of the buildings when it suddenly exploded.

No flames were visible when firefighters arrived at the scene of the Hampshire chemical explosion shortly afterward. They found 55-year-old Wuilmer Gavigia of Algonquin, who was killed in the blast, and his unidentified coworker, who was transported to an Elgin hospital in critical condition.

Officials report that no other employees sustained injuries in the incident that claimed Mr. Gavigia’s life.

Cause of Hampshire Chemical Explosion Unclear

The Hampshire chemical explosion caused extensive property damage to the W.R. Meadows plant. Emergency personnel evacuated people living or working near the blast site for safety reasons.

The Hampshire Police Department stationed officers at the entrance of the facility to control access. They only permitted plant employees to enter and exit the premises and sent away trucks waiting to drop off materials.

According to Hampshire Fire Protection District Chief Trevor Herrmann, it was not immediately clear either what exactly triggered the explosion that killed Wuilmer Gavigia or what chemicals may have been involved.

“The investigation continues to go on,” said Herrmann. “We don’t exactly know what caused the explosion.”

In addition to the ongoing investigation into the underlying causes of the Hampshire chemical explosion, a village inspector is working to assess the structural integrity of the impacted building.

No personal injury attorneys are known to have filed suit at this time.

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