Acting Quickly to Retain an Attorney After a Construction Accident Can be the Key to a Successful Outcome

attorney-louis-cario-thumbnailThe importance of acting quickly in the aftermath of an accident cannot be overstated. The hours immediately following an accident are often the most critical hours for identifying and preserving evidence of liability.

Witness recollections are fresh, the debris from the accident is contained and attorneys who act quickly can begin to build an optimal personal injury case that very day.

To demonstrate the importance of contacting GWC Injury Lawyers immediately after an accident, we offer a recent injury example.

Accident Case Study

On January 2, a construction accident occurred in the downtown area of Chicago. A cantilevered beam collapsed injuring four individuals who were either on the beam or working below the beam. The men were all rushed to local hospitals to have their injuries treated.

Within less than an hour, insurance representatives were notified and they dispatched their highly paid engineering experts and professional investigators to start gathering, photographing, memorializing and “creating” evidence of the work injuries.

The insurance company’s goal in conducting the investigation, of course, was not to help the five injured men. Rather, its goal was to build a preliminary defense in order to save money for the insurance companies who insure the companies involved in the accident.

The insurance company was desperate to act quickly in preparation for the personal injury cases that would be filed against the contractors and engineering firms who were responsible for the accident.

Without the swift efforts of GWC, no one would have been there to level the playing field for the injured men. One of the injured workers, a former client of GWC, had someone contact GWC when he first got to the hospital to seek legal representation for his injuries.

That is where the experience and expertise of the law firm known as “Illinois’ Construction Negligence Lawyers” came into play. Our firm immediately took steps to ensure that our clients’ interests were protected.

In only a few days, our firm:

  • Successfully filed a Complaint
  • Was granted a Protective Order signed by a judge
  • Secured and stored the artifacts involved in the collapse
  • Conducted site visits with forensic engineers
  • Interviewed witnesses and recorded statements

Upon witnessing how well the first client was being represented, the remaining three Iron Workers contacted GWC so that the firm could represent their legal interests as well.  By acting quickly, we were able to secure and preserve evidence of the accident that may prove to be critical in getting the injured workers a successful settlement.

GWC’s litigation team that represents the injured construction workers will be able to leverage the information we have gathered to ensure a fair resolution to the lawsuit.

The families can work on the long term healing process confident that GWC is handling the case.

GWC: We Mobilize Our Attorneys Quickly

We have a highly effective team of attorneys who have created a comprehensive personal injury blueprint that is used to protect all of your legal interests.

If you have been involved in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. It could be the difference between success and failure.