How Much Is My Construction Accident Case Worth?

People involved in accidents on construction sites often sustain catastrophic injuries. Many of them consider pursuing a personal injury claim in order to obtain financial compensation for their losses. Before making a final decision on whether to take legal action, injured victims may wonder, “How much is my construction accident case worth?”

Each Construction Accident Case Is Unique

There is no simple answer to this question. Each personal injury claim is unique, and the complexities inherent in construction accidents make these cases especially difficult to evaluate.

The value of a construction accident case depends upon a number of factors, including:

  1. Legal Merit – Do the facts surrounding the incident support a claim of liability?
  2. Insurance Coverage – How much you may recover in compensation is limited by the amount of insurance coverage available from the at-fault parties.
  3. Medical Bills – There may be greater value in cases with higher medical bills.
  4. Lost Wages – If a construction injury prevents you from going to work, your lost wages may be reflected in a settlement or verdict.
  5. Permanency of Injuries – Ongoing injuries and impairment that will negatively impact your well-being over the course of your life may yield greater financial compensation than temporary injuries.

Some of these factors, including legal merit and available insurance, may be complicated by the elaborate nature of construction work. Bringing large construction projects to completion necessarily involves the efforts of many parties, each with its own responsibilities. In addition to the owner of the building or property, there is typically a general contractor who is in charge of the project as a whole, as well as other contractors and subcontractors who handle various aspects of construction. These parties all have different duties and obligations, both legally and contractually. It may be difficult to determine their varying levels of legal liability and coverage, which could significantly affect the value of a claim.

All of this must be taken into consideration when determining how much a construction accident case is worth. At heart, it is a matter of “Before and After”: What was your level of well-being before your accident, and what was it after? You need to complete your medical treatment or reach maximum medical improvement in order to make an accurate assessment.

So do not trust construction accident attorneys who give you a specific dollar amount, do not go by what other people say, and do not believe everything you read on the internet. The value of your construction accident claim depends upon the specific circumstances of your case, and no two cases are alike.

Getting the Most Out of a Claim

While every case is different, how much you may recover financially is influenced by how well you establish liability and how thoroughly you convey the extent of your damages. For this reason, it is essential that you retain a skilled attorney to help you get the most out of your claim, like the construction accident attorneys at GWC Injury Lawyers LLC.

With more than $2 billion recovered in verdicts and settlements, GWC is one of the premier Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation law firms in Illinois. We have an especially strong record of success with construction accident cases and deep relationships with all major building trade unions, so much so that GWC has frequently been called “the construction accident law firm.”

GWC’s construction accident attorneys have comprehensive knowledge of the relevant laws, regulations, and practices of the construction industry. They will identify and pursue all the parties responsible for a construction accident so that you and your family can get the justice you deserve.

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