What Information Do I Need To File A SSD Claim?

how-to-file-a-ssd-claimOne of the hardest things that an employee can go through is losing the ability to work due to a disability. The disability claims process is incredibly complicated, and many individuals who deserve disability payments give up on the process.

The following disability application tips can mean the difference between an approved application and an application that is denied.

Individuals who are going through the disability claims process can increase the likelihood of building a successful disability application by preparing documents.

Before a disabled worker consults with an attorney, he or she should gather:

  • The name, location and contact information for all medical personnel involved in treating the disability
  • A list of all of the medications that have been prescribed including proper dosages
  • A list of all of the hospitals where treatment was received including all of the dates of the visits
  • An updated resume or CV with the employment history for the last 15 years including details about employers and their contact information
  • Marriage certificates and birth certificates for children

Collecting this information and having it readily available allows the Social Security Disability lawyersat GWC Injury Lawyers to help you and your family apply for the disability benefits you deserve.

Illinois Social Security Disability Attorneys

Dont let the fear and anxiety about the process stop you from getting your benefits. In America, workers who have worked and then become disabled have been paying into the Social Security fund, and when they are injured or disabled they are entitled to benefits.